Improving Literacy with a Clinical, Cognitive Approach

For over 17 years, The Reading Center has implemented results-driven solutions to improve literacy performance in children.

Developing Personalized, Prescriptive Plans

We diagnose reading difficulties and prescribe individualized plans to meet the needs of our clients.

Designing Scalable, Sustainable Solutions

We develop and implement results-driven solutions for schools and districts.

Leveraging Data-Driven, Evidence-Based Methods

We evaluate community-based programs and develop stage-based solutions for our community partners.

A Clinical, Cognitive Approach

Scalable, Sustainable Solutions

Personalized, Prescriptive Plans

Data-Driven, Evidence-Based Methods

Our Solutions

The Reading Center offers evidence-based, results-driven literacy solutions for Students & Families, Schools & Districts, and Community-Based Organizations.

For the past decade, The Center has focused on improving literacy outcomes for students and families by offering solutions aimed to:

  • Improve literacy skills and build reading and writing confidence among struggling readers and learning-disabled students with reading disabilities
  • Build knowledge and capacity among teachers and leaders in schools and districts with low literacy performance
  • Strengthen community efforts to improve educational outcomes for its students and families

Students &

Schools &



“Kendra was a once in a lifetime opportunity for our family. As our daughter struggled to read and comprehend her schoolwork Kendra developed a learning strategy that not only allowed our daughter to succeed but exceed our expectations. If you need this educational intervention on behalf of your child, I would seek Kendra’s expertise at your earliest inclination of need.

Three years later following learning skills developed with Kendra, our daughter is now scoring in the top 10 to 20% of her class.”

D. Minor, Parent
Columbia, SC

Dr. DeWalt, I appreciate the work and opportunities for growth you created and highlighted working in our district. I appreciated the many trainings you gave. I feel as if I truly grew as a reading teacher, knowing what to look for and how to analyze the data we received. Thank you for spreading your wisdom to the ELA teachers in our district.

All the best,
Middle School, ELA Teacher

“The Reading Center changed the way that we see our children and teach our children.  We learned effective ways to analyze data, build capacity in teachers and leaders and provide an equitable learning environment for ALL students regardless of their diverse learning needs.  As we implemented these best practices with fidelity, we saw tremendous academic growth and closed achievement gaps within subgroups. I am a better educator and leader because of the expertise of Dr. Kendra N. DeWalt. 

Thanks Dr. DeWalt and the Reading Center Team!!”

-C. Dobbs
Director of Title I

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