Experienced Reading Tutors for Students & Families

Our prescriptive plans are personalized to meet your child’s needs.

What We Offer

At The Reading Center, we do not believe in one-size fits all solutions. We take a personal, prescriptive approach to address the specific learning needs of each student.

Testing & Evaluation

For families with students who may be underperforming academically.


For families with students who need additional literacy support.

Support Services

For families with students who need additional academic support due to an identified learning disability.

Our Services

Testing and Evaluation

We design a comprehensive suite of batteries and assessments to determine if and how the interplay among cognitive development, oral language development, and instruction impacts an individual’s ability to read and comprehend texts (ages 6 and up).

Literacy Intervention & Remediation

We provide prescriptive, multi-sensory services to students and adults (ages 6 and up) who demonstrate a need for additional support in one or more areas of literacy (such as reading, writing, speaking, and listening). These services are prioritized based on the needs of each applicant and space availability.

Case Management & Support

We provide academic case management support on a case-by-case basis for students identified as learning disabled and who require accommodations or modifications because of an identified reading disability.

Family Support & Advocacy

We provide advocacy support services for families navigating goals, accommodations, and modifications for school-age children as well as postsecondary students identified as learning disabled.


“Kendra was a once in a lifetime opportunity for our family. As our daughter struggled to read and comprehend her schoolwork Kendra developed a learning strategy that not only allowed our daughter to succeed but exceed our expectations. If you need this educational intervention on behalf of your child, I would seek Kendra’s expertise at your earliest inclination of need. 

Three years later following learning skills developed with Kendra, our daughter is now scoring in the top 10 to 20% of her class.”

D. Minor, Parent
Columbia, SC

“Dr. DeWalt is a professional, expert, and trusted resource for all things reading. My stepdaughter was significantly deficient in her literacy levels, and Dr. DeWalt assessed her skill level, tutored, and coached her within grade-level. She is personable, friendly, and very engaged with the children, which is why they all gravitate to her; they love her. You can entrust your child’s reading needs to Dr. DeWalt”

D. McNeal, Parent
Aurora, Colorado

“By the time my daughter was a year and a half, I noticed that she wasn’t as verbally mature as my son was at the same age. She was also having trouble with the fundamentals of learning how to read. Last year, we decided to visit The Reading Center, so that Dr. DeWalt could do a comprehensive assessment on our daughter. Dr. DeWalt’s extremely vast knowledge and help has been life changing for our child. With her recommendations and guidance, I am happy to report that our daughter, Morgan, reads fluently; is verbally effective; and her writing and penmanship skills have surpassed that of her peers. I am so thankful that I was able to have Morgan seen at The Reading Center. If your loved one is struggling with reading, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. DeWalt. My only regret is that I didn’t bring my daughter to The Reading Center sooner!”

S. Grant, Parent
Atlanta, GA

“There are no words to describe how amazing Dr. DeWalt is! She made my son her priority from the first phone call I had with her and truly fights for him when no one else will. She is honest, dedicated, and an expert in her field of work. She meets my son where he is no matter what, and her creativity turns any of his distractions into learning. We are blessed beyond measure to have found The Reading Center and would highly recommend it to anyone who has struggles with reading.”

N. Sawyer, Parent
Columbia, SC

Our Process


We would like to learn more about your child and their literacy development, so we can work with you to develop a plan for next steps.

Testing & Evaluation

Following the consultation, we will schedule a battery of assessments to help us determine the next best steps for your student based on their learning needs. Testing & Evaluation may require more than one visit.

Debrief & Plan

Following the evaluation, we will present the findings along with a recommended, customized plan to address your child’s needs.

Support & Services

Following the debrief, we will provide support in one of our service areas based the identified prescriptive plan.

Looking for Something Else?

In addition to helping Students & Families, we also offer literacy improvement services to Schools & Districts and Community Partners. Learn more about Our Solutions in the section below.

Our Solutions

Students &

Schools &